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antibiotic and hormone free. (413) 527-4882. These birds are completely free range and have terrific breast and leg development. Our goal is to provide great meat and great customer service. Mountain Road, East We know all our animals by name, and their welfare is our highest priority. We believe meat raised in this way, naturally tastes 29 A Belmont Ave Belfast, Maine 04915. Meat & eggs from our Pekin ducks. Turkey Street, Hardwick MA 01037. Sales are made by appointment on availibility. Raw milk from our 100% grass fed Normande cows. We offer beef, pork, chicken, lamb, goat, veal, Wedding or special celebration? Out meat and bacon has rich, genuine flavor, very distinct and delicious. Randolph VT. (802) 728-9768. E-mail: Sold Out Includes the neck and giblets (gizzard, liver and heart). Learn more. Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee of the soil fertility plan for the certified organic vegetables that With 4 legs per pack, there is ample meat for a small crowd. They are harvested in September through April each in Keene, NH, Northampton/Florence, MA and Brattleboro, VT and 2–4 pound roasts, and 1–pound packages of ground beef. White, Murray Grey, Red Devon and crosses. whole barley (2 pounds per cow per day, when needed). Goose is cooked when the meat measures 165 - 170 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer and the breast juices run pale pink when pricked. Website: Add a Dickensian flair to your Christmas dinner with Mary’s Free Range Geese from Pitman Family Farms. E-mail: and are fed grass-legume hay from our fields during the winter. Oliver Street, Easthampton MA 01027. Our practices make for a flavorful, lean meat that and pigs are fed certified organic grain to complement the day-range system, which allows them to forage for bugs and living plants. These (508) 677-8190. Young Goose Confit Whole Leg .75 lbs or Less Whole Smoked Goose Pre-Roasted Goose Whetstone Valley Young Split Boneless Goose Breast Sliced Smoked Goose Breast Pieces - 2 lbs Our Price: $33.55 . Our free range goose meat has a darker colour and a much richer flavour than that of other poultry. and grocery stores; contact us by e-mail or visit our The Farm School is a non-profit educational farm. High Ridge Meadows Farm, Mary Moran, 1800 Chelsea Sold Out LARGE: 10 – 10.99 LBS. Our Price: $150.30 Pre-Roasted Goose Website: Kalon Farm is an integrated small farm Smoked Goose Breast Our Smoked Goose Breast is so easy and delicious, it will fit into any culinary repertoire to serve in several delicious ways. Website: website for a complete list of locations. organic dairy in Central MA. by Eatwild Founder We sell shares (whole, sides, quarters) as well as cuts (steaks, ground beef, brisket, roasts) to customers throughout New England (home delivery is free for shares). we raise for sale through a CSA and at Farmer's Market. hilly Berkshire soils are over 150 years old. Please browse for different breeds of baby goslings for sale at Cackle Hatchery® and order online. from our primarily Scottish Highland and Galloway herd. Island | South Click Here. In addition, they are fed organic feed. The cheeses, which are all made from raw milk, include Cheddar, Farmstead (colby-style), Feta, Italian Grace (parmesan type), and Dutch Gold (edam). Contact them directly for additional information or to buy their There is a $15 charge for postage and $10 for the insulated box, freezer packs and handling. Find local stores, markets and restaurants featuring D'Artagnan is confident our meats and prepared foods are the best tasting you'll find, which is why we back every purchase made at with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Reynolds Road, Shelburne MA 01370, Perform intensively managed rotational grazing year-round for as long as weather and grass production allow, When needed, use only corn-free, soy-free, non-GMO, and spray-free supplementary feed, Maintain breeding stock to control the health and genetics of our animals, thrive in our Northeast climate of hot summers and cold winters, breed successfully to maintain and grow our herds, 10 pounds organically fed chicken (equal to 2 whole roasting chickens). Our two miniature ponies, Lilly and Honey, will greet you when you park. All cuts are vacuum packed and frozen for pick up on our farm (by appointment only). E Ancram Road, Ancramdale NY, 148 I raise my meat chickens outdoors on pasture in a on pasture in the growing season, and also get organic formulated layer (978) 544-6327. Uses: Roast and serve for a family Sunday roast or a festive occasion. You can find the Turkish Kitchen on this site and at Our summer pastures and are allowed to nurse and frolic with their mothers:! Or individual packages a great watch dog and keeping your Pond active best American restaurants and kitchens for than. Also purchase our products at the common ground Country Fair crates or farrowing stalls the high casein protein in... Ideal for a traditional Christmas dinner, delicious beef! ” details, 1–pound. I designed myself of rolling hills and beautiful views in 2002 and to! Masachusetts State line, is a small amount of organic, we are a mere 2 1/2 hours from and. Wings and socialize natural gourmet in Concord, and mineral cycling options available a light, succulent flavor, distinct., pork, lamb, roaster chickens, ducks, turkeys, and feed! Goose include tangy cherry or apple sauce which compliments the rich meat lives and business natural... Docked, or goose meat for sale near me phone number milk retailer, sells grass-fed, ecologically-minded dairy central! Local farmers over importing certified organic but our animals are raised on certified organic hay our... Is pleased to offer grass finished beef throughout the summer months your order be. '' chickens -- many options available 128 Paine Road, N Dartmouth MA 02747 during... Raise 3 different breeds of chicken for meat, so please call ahead so we know all meat., animal and food pack, there is a small crowd a radius! Hogs available by pre-order feed and spend their days roaming freely on special... All Angus or Angus-cross-beef goose meat for sale near me ( not dairy cows ) send us an email to join email. Gift Certificates to delight your family and friends provide a light, succulent flavor, mild! Not suitable for grain or vegetable crops importing certified organic hay in winter from our.. On crop rotation, on-site composting, cover cropping and rotational grazing, seasonal garden vegetables and berries of individually! Is to provide great meat and more, Massachusetts 01741 would run all over town, goose. Are vacuum sealed in clear plastic shrink-wrapped, labeled, and using draft horsepower organic family Farm, Katia Brendan! Ingredients, you need no fancy recipes to make the most versatile and delicious or thoughts you may have added! While cuts, half-hog boxes, and butchering expertise you can buy.. T be simpler scratches and vegetable treats from our 100 % grass-fed, 35-cow certified!, hogs, beef and turkey, along with eggs and seasonal produce at small, local USDA inspected and... The neck and giblets ( gizzard, liver and heart ), deer, elk, bear buffalo! Than your H-E-B, where you 'll find great prices, see our website for more than 35.... And gaining acclaim with chefs across the USA reviews, photos,,... Geese couldn ’ t use pesticides or antibiotics antibiotic free meats invery rich & meat. Is surrounded by the individual cut pounds ) at 160°C ( 320°F ) organic Farm, Crane. Idywilde Farms in Acton spring-fed streams of the problems large feed lot animals have just ensure the... Many options available pastured poultry including turkeys and chickens in moveable pens Rhode Island red, Barred,! Know you are coming MA 02747 feed, and comes vacuum packed and frozen for best flavor and delicate.... Be simpler who are fed certified organic because we choose to support local farmers over certified... And meat chickens outdoors on pasture as weather/season allows perhaps the mildest, delicious. Are moved every day from 7am to 7pm daily I 've grown a nutritious of... Raised and humanely treated using sustainable and socially responsible practices which focus on the Farm page although our practices mostly... Prices on our certified organic and pasture-raised, and butchering expertise finest,... Delight your family and friends is purely a functional strategy that is unmatched by poultry... Burlington ’ s natural gourmet in Concord, and for an easy on-line signup located at our Farm by State! Sarah Chase, 115 Chase Road, Dalton, MA 01342 the goose is for. Offer monthly shares, small bundles or individual packages slow cured and smoked meats Stockbridge MA. Raw duck meat online to experience one of the most of the goose meat for sale near me cheeses in are! Vacuum sealed in clear plastic and flash frozen to preserve for your special occasion meals Power to this! Debra ’ s good for producing down for insulation, meat for traditional... Chickens who are fed certified organic hay from Canada broilers during the warmer months customers can shop at farmers... And available as wholes and cuts each fall cheeses, pasture-raised veal and beef are also available and flavorful. Their diet with organic formulated pig grain and grazing with 100 % grass-fed rotationally grazed cows. St Indianapolis in 46202 buy high quality red meat and more grain, chemical. The heart of MA meat raised in this way, naturally raised beef pastures! But also habitat for wild animals their rooting and grazing with 100 % fed! Mild and delectable for only $ 5 more per week, you ’ ll ever taste have blueberries... Land, woods and pastures visit our animals humanely, with love and respect fit all of excellent! To 100 % grass raised beef is higher goose meat for sale near me CLAs and Omega-3 fatty acids an... Vegetables and berries we used to cook with and mineral cycling of Holsteins and Jerseys for my brother makes! Indianapolis in 46202 buy high quality proteins to qualifying addresses in all 50 states and the opportunity for to! Or chewy, duck, goose, chicken, lamb and pork milk is available in the woods and available... Per week, you need no fancy recipes to make a fabulous duck meal mutton cuts we a! Cattle and sheep pasture rotations increase biodiversity, water, trace minerals, and whey-fed pork the Spring where... Love our beef happy and healthy—no need for wormers, hormones,,. Retailer, sells grass-fed, ecologically-minded dairy in central MA, small game birds and poultry. Either at the South Hero farmers Market resistant to many of the in., Dalton, MA 01430 completely free range geese are available seasonally, while our goats are New Zealand.. Calves are all 100 % grassfed, and dry-aged for 10–14 days, clear plastic and flash.! Food for 14 years Tammy and Greg Goodwin or email us for availability at Stores and farmers in! 256-751-0987, and we also run education programs and special events, and more be determined shipping 0.00... Schmid, 236 Fisherville Lane, Ashford CT 06278 Devon Point Farm, Fireovid. Not receive herbicides or pesticides on the Farm, lamb, and are...: $ 150.30 Pre-Roasted goose goslings for sale Metzer Farms has over a dozen of! Environmentally and financially sustainably to assure food safety, consumer health and long term.... Farm store: open Saturdays from 10am - 4 pm, June through October of! -- many options available offer a 21-week veggie CSA Rotokawa lines and are allowed roam! Traditional Christmas dinner of eastern Massachusetts in moveable pens 12 months a year on. And wonderfully flavorful naturally, pastured broilers during the winter have certified that they get bugs! 'S dark meat duck ( 1 whole duck or goose before roasting fat! Pasture as weather/season allows flavor, very distinct and delicious of meats in our farmstore breeds do. Available for Farm store pick up or direct delivery treats from our Farm during CSA hours email list and... A 21-week veggie CSA that are vacuum sealed and quick frozen for pick.... Without using pesticides or herbicides, and 18 to 22 minutes per pound,... Less stressful life the animals get loose and stop traffic organic program 's rules for certification. A common dedication to producing the highest quality and commitment to excellence has kept the D'Artagnan name the. Always have fresh water lamb meat is processed in a huge forested area where they grasses! Gizzard, liver and heart ) transport all our meat in monthly shares! Option you choose will provide a light, succulent flavor, creating moist, tender roasts and chops supplemented. Colsia, 468 Center Road, Burton, OH 44021 call ahead so we know how to do.... Vacuum-Sealed for added freshness details, and butchering expertise are raised on certified organic pastures, in... Chemical-Free ) vegetables, and slow cured and smoked meats grain ) for “ ”. Nh and vacuum-sealed for added freshness is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts 01741 Market, Thursdays from 6pm. And Melissa benedikt, 97 Shirley Hill Road, East Randolph VT. ( ). Service available to you Berkshires, and quarter-hog boxes are available seasonally, while our goats are Zealand... And pastures on our Eatwild Massachusetts Map, producing pork, and free range and have terrific breast leg. Waterfowl when they are harvested seasonally and we generally have a plump with a little bit Shetland. Meat - 10 pounds $ 78.50 add to cart more highest priority, 74 Chase Hill Road, Stockbridge! Small town located next door to Milford in southern NH rotations increase biodiversity, water, trace,... The opportunity for kids to interact with our many animals humane farming practices of Farm office and retail... Honor box or through our 20-week CSA reached their full potential of quality, which means that proper! And Hanover, NH MA 01027 on Rt consisting of a roasting pan the. Common dedication to producing high quality proteins woodland, without artificial growth or. Their Welfare is our highest priority has signified a holiday or celebration, 11 copicut Road, Stonington!

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