Civil servants lose out on full double salary benefits while documents sit on PM Harris’ desk for approval

Several civil servants have complained that they have not benefited from the full payment of the double salary as a result of what is perceived to be a deliberate attempt while documents sit on the desk of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris awaiting approval for months.

Civil servants who have returned from studying overseas a few months ago and have submitted certified copies of their degrees are still waiting for the required response which will see not only a change in positions but also in re numeration.

Many of them have been notified that letters have been sent to the Ministry of Finance, but months after, approval remains on the desk of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.

“The issue is that it’s been months now and our requests have yet to be approved. When we call our line ministries, we are told that there is a backlog at the Ministry of Finance and they are not certain when it will be dealt with. This is of great concern to us because we and other colleagues in various ministries are still awaiting a change our status and pay, since last year,” said civil servants affected by the level of incompetence.

“The alarming part is that double salary was paid in December and persons in our positions would not benefit. The double salary will be paid based on our current salaries with no promises of a ‘back pay’ including the balance from the double salary,” the group who requested anonymity for fear of victimization.

“I find this to be an injustice for students who return home and have students loans to pay,” a member of the group said.

“Gang members are being paid large sums of money and members of ‘the famalay’ are paid thousands a month and don’t possess the required qualifications. Yet, law abiding citizens who chose to further their personal and academic development, cannot reap the benefits of their labour,” another said with other members nodding in agreement.