Eighteen year old charged for February murder

Police have confirmed that an 18 year old has been charged with a February 2019 murder.

Denny Harris of McKnight was charged for the murder of Eric Thompson. The offence took place on February 11, 2019. Harris was also charged for the offence of Discharging a Firearm in a Public Place which was committed on February 12, 2019, a Police release stated.

The disclosure was first made at a Police Press conference yesterday, August 13, while authorities showcased 30 firearms that have reportedly been turned over to Police via a third party, as part of the peace initiative among gang members.

In their initial report about the murder, Police said that at about 10 p.m. Thompson arrived at his Ponds Pasture home when he was shot several times about the body by a lone gunman.

This is the first murder, of seven that were committed in February, that Police have disclosed an arrest for.