Government needs to come clean about peace deal, says Hamilton

Prominent local lawyer Chesley Hamilton is challenging the local government to come clean in relation to alleged financial arrangements with local gang members to sustain a fragile peace agreement.

Hamilton’s request is an echo of a call he made recently for government to stop its underhanded dealings and tell the general public, via parliament, about the framework of the agreement.

He also maintained that it is a dangerous arrangement.

Hamilton indicated that everyone is advocating for peace but he frowned on the alleged government approach- paying reputed gang members to maintain the peace.

Multiple sources have spoken about suspicious “transactions” between intermediaries and the gang members.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has denied the allegations of a government arrangement with gang members in exchange for peace but his denial has sparked even more questions.

PM Harris said that the public should be celebrating the current calm in the country.

It is the still unclear what the conditions of this lull in gang related activity are.

A document, reportedly circulated among gang members, reads
“We hereby acknowledge and agree that we will make peace with each other and the communities by:
The cessation of gun violence and any other acts of violence
Continue to work on the free movement of all involved parties
Attempting to resolve any issues that may arise by first communicating with each other seeking the assistance of Law Enforcement or a mediator if we are unable to resolve.”

Lawyer Hamilton has been strong advocate for peace through effective dialogue with those who are affected by crime and violence and has gone on record to push that agenda.

The murmurings from the alleged arrangement between government and gang members have gotten louder over recent weeks.