Kenny Douglas was the special guest on The Rebuttal, holds nothing back

On Wednesday Night’s edition of The Rebuttal, hosted by Mr. Douglas Wattley, St. Kitts – Nevis Labour Party representative for constituency 5 His Excellency Kenny Douglas, was a guest on the show ahead of his travels with other Labour Party ministers to meet with nationals in the U.S. When asked about the state of his constituency, the SKNLP representative held nothing back.

The representative was also questioned about the votes the SKN Labour Party managed to lose during the last elections and PAM gained due to the propaganda that was being spread about the SKNLP prior to last elections. When questioned about how the People’s Action Movement Candidate managed to capitalize on the SKNLP’s loss despite the poor performance, this is what he had to say.

Mr Kenny Douglas is running on the SKNLP ticket for the first time for the upcoming elections and is confident he is going to win and bring the care and leadership that his constituency lacks.