No confirmation of where additional money is coming from for second cruise pier

It is still not clear who will foot the bill for an additional EC$ 7.8 million that contractors for the second cruise pier are asking for to rectify “unforeseen physical conditions.”

Minister of Public Infrastructure, Post, Urban Development, and Transport, Hon. Ian Patches Liburd has said that government will not be responsible for providing money for the request.

Liburd has indicated that the St. Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) will not foot a bill that contractors Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and JV Driver should assume, citing a “general rule where contractors should assume the risk of additional costs.”

However, to date, it has not been any confirmation on where the monies will be sourced from.

The second cruise pier was projected to cost US$ 48 million. The National Bank provided the bulk of the financing, with $34 million. The Social Security Board provided $7 million while the SIDF and TDC contributed $5 and $2 million, respectively.

The US$ 48 million price tag was already frowned upon by critics, who questioned why the cost had ballooned significantly from the US$ 32 million that was originally proposed for the project.

The demand for almost EC$8 million has raised more questions about the cost of the second pier.