Not enough beds for patients, critics claim

The Ministry of Health and it’s apparently inability to accommodate admissions at the Joseph N France Hospital and the Mary Charles Hospital has been the focus of some recent social outcry.

“Medical ward was so packed out they had to move patients to the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineaux only to be told they aren’t have no space for them. Patients can’t get any bed,” persons who claim to be nurses have vocalized.

Nurses like scores of persons in government and the private sector have provided information to confidential sources to protect their identify for fear of persecution and victimization by the government of St Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris.

“Also there is a mole problem at the hospital, as staffs keeps getting sick. Doctors have declared certain areas a health risk, but they (government authorities) refuse to respond.

Two of the staff had to relocate to another department because of outbreak and respiratory problems,” Powell was informed.

Individuals have also complained publicly that when they personally told Minister of Health, Hon Eugene Hamilton about the lack of medication and supplies at the medical institutions his response has been “I will have to talk to Wendy (Phipps),” the junior minister of health.