PM Harris may have been an advocate for aquifer; questions about rational of change of stance

It was recently revealed that Prime Minister may have been an advocate for the preservation for the Basseterre Valley Aquifer but he made and about face in recent times. The change of heart has sparked even further concerns about the rationale for building the proposed new Basseterre High School on the potable water source.

A request for the construction of a university on the same site that the Team Unity Government now wants to build the new Basseterre High School, was turned down by Dr Timothy Harris when he was Minister of Agriculture and Lands in the Denzil L Douglas Labour Administration, according to a source seized with the information.

The source said Thursday the request to build the university was made to Dr Harris by well-known St Kitts architect, Stacey Hobson, on behalf of unidentified foreign investors.

“When Dr Harris was Minister of Lands, a company wanted to build a university on that same site on Ponds Estate where he now plans to build the new Basseterre High School and the same Timothy Harris turned it down,” the source said, adding: “Ask Stacey Hobson about it, because he is talking about it.”

“If the request was approved, condos and apartments would also be built,” the source added.

A retired civil servant has corroborated that that the request was made and was turned down by Dr. Harris who served in the Denzil Douglas Labour Cabinet from 1995 to 2013.