PM Skerrit calls for creativity and caution in fighting the COVID-19 corona virus

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has appealed to Dominican entrepreneurs/ restaurant owners to be innovative and creative when conducting business in order to minimize the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus (COVID-19).

He was presenting a live statement on Tuesday.

At present Dominica has recorded 7 positive cases of the Coronavirus.

“If persons cannot gather inside a restaurant they should introduce takeout or pickup services,” he advised. “You may also consider delivery.”

According to Skerrit the issue is not the conduct of business, it is the gathering and social interaction of the individuals.

“Therefore I am urging you to come up with creative ways of conducting your business that will not involve persons gathering and endangering their lives as well as those of your employees and even yourself,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated. “Employees be wise.”

He continued, “Prepare and pack your lunch at home… place your order early and arrange for pick-up or delivery.”

He warns persons not to endanger their health by congregating in large groups.

Skerrit reiterated that the key to fighting this disease is the practice of good hygiene

“Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, keep your hands from your face, cough into a tissue and dispose of it right away,” he urged. “Sneeze into your elbow if you do not have a tissue immediately at hands.”

He went on to say, minimize visits to seniors and persons with pre-existing medical conditions.

“If you have to take something to granny leave it on the step and call and tell her it is there,” Skerrit advised.

He told seniors that they should not put themselves in harm’s way.

“Call for what you need and have it delivered to your doorstep,” Skerrit stated.

He added, “Do not hug people, do not shake their hands, I know you love to go to church, but for the time being listen to the service on your radio or watch it on television.”