Primary school teacher expresses mix feelings about the future of federation’s future leaders

Amidst the pomp of graduation ceremonies of the successful students of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College and high schools in St Kitts and Nevis, a veteran primary school teacher has expressed mixed feelings about the federation’s future leaders.

The concern comes at a time when Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris touts his misleading mantra of “surpluses, surpluses, surpluses” in the treasury yet graduates who have left high schools and colleges and returned from studying overseas remain unemployed over the past few years.

“Tears of joy and heartbroken at the same time when I watched all those graduation pictures. So happy to see so many young person’s passing with honors. Heart broken, some of those graduates can’t find work, can’t get student loans to continue their education and the financial strain parents still have,” posted dedicated primary school teacher, Hazel Jeffers on her FaceBook account.

“I hope that they will be a part of the EC$500.00 incentive programme for excellence,” said Jeffers, pointing out, “They might not have the experience but they need a chance in the real working world too. With all those first-class honors we need to look after our youths.”

Jeffers, who previously taught at the Beach-Allen Primary School is now posted at the Cayon Primary School.