Prime Minister and NRPB strongly caution against misleading and defamatory statements on social media

PHILIPSBURG, Saint Maarten — Over the weekend, the Honorable Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and the National Recovery Program Bureau (NRPB) have taken note of the personal and slanderous nature of some of the statements made on social media regarding an alleged decision of the Council of Ministers to demolish the library building for an amount of 1.2 million Guilders.

According to the statements, this amount would be paid for by the NRPB from the Saint Maarten Trust Fund. The Prime Minister and the NRPB emphasize that these statements are incorrect and that no such decision has been taken.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs stated that the general public should be aware that the decision to start the demolition process of the library, former post office and old government building was initiated by the former Minister of VROMI Mr. Miklos Giterson, who enacted a bidding procedure by invitation as it was deemed urgent at the time. “The demolition project would have been financed from the proceeds received by Government from the insurance settlement.

The advice for said demolition has not yet been finalized nor handled by the current Minister of VROMI nor the Council of Ministers. When that is the case, if the correct procedure hasn’t been followed, it will be rectified.” said Prime Minister Jacobs.

Considering the potential negative effects these statements can have for all residences, the Prime Minister and the NRPB deem it appropriate to caution the general public against making misleading and defamatory statements on social media. The relevant authorities will be approached if further defamatory statements are made and legal actions will be taken in accordance with the Civil and Criminal Code of Saint Maarten prohibiting
personal insults and defamation.

The general public is encouraged to visit the NRPB’s website and social media platforms to stay informed about the Saint Maarten Trust Fund. They are also encouraged to follow the Council of Minister’s weekly press briefings, tune into SXMGOV radio 107.9 FM and visit the St. Maarten government’s website and social media platforms as updates are also given via these mediums.