Second billionaire still in custody; Police say battery of officer among charges

Another billionaire, Chase Ergen, also known by the name Charles Edwards, is still in Police custody in St. Kitts and Nevis.

According to a Police statement, Ergen who is listed as being from Colorado, USA, has been charged with use of a threatening language, resisting arrest and battery on Police, on May 15.

The Police statement says that the charges stem from an incident at the Park Hyatt, St. Kitts, on May 12.

No word was given as to when a bail hearing for the billionaire will be held.

The Police account has been directly contradicted by the Ergen’s friend Alkiviades David, who was also in a legal tangle.

David also went on to provide information about Ergen’s struggle with his medical condition.

Alki David, Ergen and actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers were all onboard a private plane that landed in St. Kitts on May 7. Police say they had launched investigation into the circumstances surrounding material suspected to be cannabis aboard the aircraft.

David was briefly detained on May 14 but released. Meyers was never charged.

According to sources, Chase has been in custody since Sunday night, May 12, but the Police have been tight-lipped about his detention even after being asked repeatedly about the situation.