Skerrit blames UWP for Al Jazeera investigation; Linton promises legislation to prevent sale of diplomatic passports

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has responded to recent reports of a documentary by an international news agency which is scheduled to be aired later today and which names Dominica as one of the countries involved in the alleged sale of diplomatic passports.

According to the reports, Al Jazeera’s investigative unit has discovered the secret sale of diplomatic passports which has it says, has helped keep some Caribbean politicians in power.

Skerrit said these are allegations made by the United Workers Party (UWP) which they have been making up for years.

“I have been informed that Al Jazeera plans to do a documentary on Dominica about the alleged sale of diplomatic passports in Dominica,” he said.

According to Skerrit, the allegations which are being made were sent to him.

“I noticed, as you will notice, when the story is broadcast, that the allegations are the very same ones that Linton, the UWP and Mas In De Cemetery have been making up and repeating for several years.”

Skerrit said it was clear to him, “as it will be to you” that either Linton, the UWP directly, or their foreign collaborators, provided this business information to Al Jazeera for political reasons.

He warns that people who libel him, “will find themselves before the courts.”

“What I am more concerned about, however, is the recklessness with which Linton and the UWP are seeking to darken Dominica’s good name,” Skerrit complained.

He continued, “Linton is desperate and this desperation means that he and his agents and supporters will do all in their power to legitimize their lies by using foreign agents and organisations and Al Jazeera is now one of them.”

The Prime Minister went on to say that it saddens him as a Dominican and as Prime Minister, “to tell you” that the UWP is trying to weave a negative narrative about Dominica in chaos.

“They are going through great lengths to spread this false narrative in an attempt to de-stabilize Dominica and to make the way for foreigners to come and take over our election process,” he remarked.

Meantime, Opposition Leader Lennox Linton responded to Skerrit’s statements while addressing a large gathering of UWP supporters during a rally at the foot of Federation Drive, in Goodwill on Sunday night.

“I, Lennox Linton, have also received from Al Jazeera allegations about me being involved in the sale of diplomatic passport business, but I am not afraid and I don’t have anybody to sue,” he said.

Linton indicated that Al Jazeera claimed that they have done their investigation, so they will report what their investigations are.

“I know that they have not investigated me and they cannot investigate me and find anything about me being involved in the sale of diplomatic passports,” he insisted.

He continued, “They can create a story and try to connect me with it, that’s fine; investigative people do that.”
Linton added, “What will happen though, and I hope they will be around for that, Al Jazeera will be invited to come to Dominica to report on the enactment for the first time in the Caribbean, in the history of the Caribbean, of The Prevention of the Sale of Diplomatic Immunity Act to be passed in the house of Parliament in Dominica under the watch of yours truly and the United Workers Party-Team Dominica within the first 100 days of our administration.”