More cries for public housing; demand for housing raises questions about Government numbers on affordable homes

Despite repeated efforts by the Harris government to proclaim a winning track record in relation to public housing for Kittitians and Nevisians, continued requests from locals point to insufficient affordable housing.

There were several requests to government for help in the procurement of housing at a town hall meeting held by the Unity administration on Tuesday night, March 12.

Minister of Human Settlement, Community Development, Lands and Co-operatives et al, Hon. Eugene Hamilton downplayed the concern of demand of public housing far outweighing supply and indicated that his government is working for the people. He implied that over 110 houses have been constructed in constituencies 7 and 8, since his government got into power.

The concern for affordable continued to resonate though, as repeated requests were made.

Dr. Terrance Drew, the Labour Party caretaker for constituency 8, has consistently lashed out at the government for the alleged inability to provide sufficient and affordable housing for residents.

Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, while responding to frustrated residents who have been desperately trying to see government representatives in relation to housing, implored citizens to be a little more patient.