Injured passengers still hospitalized as Police probe cause of accident

Two male visitors to the island, who were involved in an accident on the island’s main road, in the Ross University area, are recovering at the Joseph N France Hospital. One sustained injuries to his left hip and head and the other sustained injuries to the neck and head.

The Police are continuing their investigations to determine the cause of the accident, which occurred on April 21.

According to a Police report, the accident occurred at approximately 11:15 a.m. It involved motor Omni-bus H30, which is owned and was driven by Jarryd Saunders of Lamberts and motor car R135 owned by Thrifty car rentals and driven by Sascha Aegerter of Switzerland.

Thankfully, there has been no report of any serious injuries to any of the eight persons who were in the passenger bus.

While giving the details of the accident, the Police reports states that both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions, with H30 heading west to east, along the Main Road and R135 heading east to west. While in the vicinity of Ross University and the parking lot on the mountain side of the road, the driver of R135 made a right turn to go into a road and collided with H30 in the centre of the Main Road.

Representatives from the Traffic Department to continue to advise motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution while using the roads.