Transportation woes dim PanAm Games shine

Our bus driver stopped for a third time to ask directions to the Velodromo Videna.

This confirmed the fears of the journalists onboard, who were trying to reach a presentation ceremony- our driver had ventured astray.

This was the second time in four days that our little group got lost while trying to reach a particular destination.

Ironically, hours earlier, Ivar Sisniega, the Secretary General of PanAm Sports, admitted that there are some transportation issues at the PanAmerican Games, in response to questions and concerns from the press.

Concerns included lack of official transportation to and from the Atton Hotel, earmarked accommodation for media personnel, and some of the drivers being unfamiliar with the Lima area.

Alberto Valenzuela, the Director General of the PanAmerican Games also acknowledged transportation issues but quickly gave the assurance that improvement will come with the second half of the Games.

The Lima 2019 Games are a phenomenal production and it is amazing to see the adjustments being made to improve on the staging of the event.

Owing to the delay caused by our unexpected detours, we were unable to make it in time for our presentation but we got a nice- albeit short- night tour of a Lima shopping district.

Reporting from the Velodromo Videna, at the PanAmerican Games, in Lima Peru, I am Shawn Seabrookes.