Trinidad: Fewer H1N1 infections, 3 deaths since October

Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram has confirmed that there have been three confirmed deaths from the HINI (Swine Flu) since the start of the flu season in October.

But he said this was in keeping with the norm, noting that seven people died from the virus last year and four earlier this year.

Speaking with Hema Ramkissoon during CNC3’s Morning Brew yesterday, Parasram said there had also been a significant decrease in the number of influenza cases compared with previous years.

Seeking to appease public fear of an outbreak, he assured:“There is no epidemic of H1N1 in the country or the region.

”He added that the World Health Organisation would state that and it has not sent out any information about such an occurrence.He declined to disclose the areas the victims resided but they were from various parts of the country.