Venezuelan opposition and Maduro government holding talks in Barbados

Venezuelan President Nicol├ís Maduro said he was “optimistic” as talks between the government and the opposition to resolve the country’s political crisis resumed earlier this week.

The two sides have been engaged in a bitter power struggle since January and preliminary talks held in May in Oslo petered out without an agreement.

Maduro said a six-point agenda was being discussed at the meeting which is being hosted by Barbados.
The Norwegian foreign ministry is again acting as a mediator, as it did at the previous meeting in Oslo, but has so far only commented to confirm the meeting was taking place.

Maduro revealed that Monday’s meeting lasted five hours. He also said he thought “a path to peace” could be found.

However, a United Nations report released on Friday said the Venezuelan government was using a strategy of instilling fear in its population to retain power. The Venezuelan government responded by saying the UN report was one-sided and biased.

Venezuelan government officials refuted the report, claiming it contains 70 inaccuracies.