By: Dr. Kelvin Daly

Only a short while has passed since the post “White Elephants” was made.

It laid bare the incompetence of this CCM Government when it comes to the planning, execution and completion of projects under their care. Millions of tax dollars have been spent on what were characterized as pivotal investments in the public’s interest.

Never mind that we will never know how the millions of dollars of our monies were spent since the CCM has steadfastly avoided activating the Public Accounts Committee, but this appeal is to simply stop this insanity and get CCM to finish the hastily done projects they started.

Reacting to the post, the cockatoo- the Hon. Alexis Jeffers descended from his guilded perch and was seen strutting in and out of the scenes of his incompetence for days on end.

Thursday, with the hot afternoon sun reflecting off of his considerable dome and dust occluding his already cloudy vision, he gestured impatiently to the backhoe operator as to where he wanted the clean-up of the trees hiding the extension to the Vet building and the abattoir.

There was no press coverage to record this pathetic display of ineptitude. We are left to wonder, is the depth of his understanding of the problem so shallow that he seriously believes that scraping away brush and uprooting trees is equivalent to getting the facilities operational? Clean clothes over filthy skin doesn’t change the fact that you stink and need a bath.

Let us not be fooled by cosmetics and the customary sleight of hand card tricks.

Mr. Minister, honour your commitments to properly execute the works to full completion and be done with it. If not, let the trees grow tall to hide the shame.