Missing gun recovered; allegations of abuse against man being questioned in the case

A missing firearm has been recovered and Police have one man in custody in relation to the find.

According to a Police statement, the licensed firearm holder had his weapon stolen during a scuffle. The authorities did not give not much details about the scuffle except that an investigation is being launched into the matter.

However, eyewitnesses have revealed that the scuffle occurred last Friday evening, May 17, in the Parray’s Village area, St. Peter’s.

Sources allege that there was a disagreement between a male who goes by the name of Cutty and a number of persons who were hanging out in the area, after

Cutty drove in a reckless manner through the area.

During the dispute, Cutty indicated that he will “go for his gun.” He then left and returned with the weapon, several witness claim.

Upon his return, a scuffle ensued between him and a number of persons, and the gun was “taken” from him, sources state.

The weapon was unaccounted for a while.

A source familiar with the matter has indicated that a young man, who has been held in relation to the case was abused by at least one of the officers who detained him.

It has also been indicated that the allegations of Police abuse have been reported and initial steps are being taken to further investigate the claims.