Two young men have been charged with attempted murder in relation to a shooting incident in St. Paul’s, on January 7, that left three males with gunshot injuries to their legs.

According to a Police press release, “twenty-nine-year-old Maverick Tyson of Challengers Village and Twenty-six-year-old Kentab Tyson of West Farm Project have been charged for three counts of Attempted Murder.”

In addition to the attempted murder charges, the two suspects have been charged with one count of ‘discharging a Firearm in a public place,’ the Police release further revealed.

The Police were able to make a speedy breakthrough in the case after an unsuccessful chase of the alleged gunmen from St. Paul’s to Christ Church, minutes after the incident took place.

In relation to details of the actual incident, an earlier press release from the Police stated that, “22-year-old Calvert Francis, 18-year-old Alvin Browne and a juvenile, all of St. Paul’s, were sitting on a wall next to Lover’s Lane Alley in St. Paul’s, when a car stopped next to them. Investigations have also revealed that two men exited the car and opened fire on them. They ran down the alley in an effort to escape and got shot in the process.”

Police officers were in the immediate area when the attack occurred and exchanged fire with the suspects.

Witnesses spoke of hearing a barrage of shots- approximately two dozen- and also suggested the use of a sub machine weapon, during the commission of the crime.